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Thank you for visiting this site, and your interest in these quotes.

The repetitive messages which we choose to run through our minds forms the basis of our thought patterns, and directly impacts the quality of our lives.  

When I was a child, my father used to tell me, "it's less about what you achieve, and more about how you think along the way."  He continuously reminded me that how we choose to think determines our mental, physical, and spiritual health. He used to say, "consistently thinking about your higher self and limitless potential will create a prosperous, enjoyable life."

My father, Dr. William J. Goldwag, was a pioneer in holistic medicine and taught countless people how to reduce stress, and live a more satisfying productive life. Like him, I believe it's imperative to adopt a highly productive thought process if we want to achieve our full potential. Many of us are not completely aware of the tremendous power of our thoughts. Negative thought patterns can leave us in a state of fear, despair, unable to expand, and wallowing in prisons of mediocrity. Higher frequency thought patterns create an environment for advanced achievement, confidence and fulfillment.

In the spirit of providing solutions to help develop a productive thought process, I created this site, and wrote the books, Creating a Healthy Divorce and Conqering Addiction.
This site is a daily support system that delivers inspirational reminders designed to establish thought patterns aligned with our limitless potential. It is a tool for establishing the foundation of consistent optimism necessary to gracefully overcome life’s challenges.

I wish you all the best on the journey toward reaching your highest potential!

J.J. Goldwag 

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