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Inspire a New Future with Encouraging Quotes!

What’s standing between you and a dynamic, happy life?

Your thoughts are the key! Our biggest roadblocks have proven to be self-imposed through habitual patterns of limited thinking. If these patterns could be replaced, we could bring about an entirely new life experience.

Is it possible to change our thoughts?  
Encouraging quotes can create new, healthier thinking patterns by reshaping the thoughts that run through our mind. These motivators lift old patterns, realign intentions, and initiate healing.

Each quote is a call to find the positive and a reminder that our thoughts can have a favorable or unfavorable impact on our experience. This transforming system effectively develops a healthier, more powerful thought process that takes on an inner permanence.

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Encouraging quotes by J.J. Goldwag, Autthor of Creating a Healthy Divorce

Whatever it is you want, it requires your action. Don’t expect results without a clear plan and execution.

Road blocks are only tests to see how badly you want it.

When you are careful to consider all the possibilities, you give yourself the opportunity to transcend the ordinary.

When a difficult situation brings out the best in co-worker, you have found a good partner for future projects.

Inspiration sparks action. Understand what inspires you.
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Embrace that you can abandon 'maybe'; and you will enter a world filled with the spirit of Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein.

The greatest feeling is setting your mind to do something, staying the course of execution, and achieving.

Never be afraid to start at the bottom and work your way up. You'll be paid back with both respect and experience.

Comfortable inaction is achievement's poison.

Some days are just difficult. This is true for everyone. Ride out the storms knowing that they are temporary.

It is what you do rather than what you say that has the greatest impact.

Better to get a good grasp on a subject before deciding to comment on it.

A great way to give back is to support someone else’s achievement.

Achievers make to do lists clear and actionable so tasks can be completed quicker.

Laziness breeds mediocrity. Rise above lazy tendencies by transcending the moment of weakness and moving forward with conviction and determination.

Summon the energy to do more than what is expected and you will see opportunities come your way.

More than what you do, people respond to the passion with which you do it.

Great achievements are a combination of desire, goals, focus, and execution.
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Take stock of your current responsibilities; envision delivering superior results. Put a plan in place for excellence…Execute it.

You'll never be capable of doing more than you believe you're capable of. Expect more from yourself.

The secret to success is showing up and doing your best.

Always look within for the power source for all you need in life.

You will need a champion to move up the ranks. Today, you may not know who they are, so be sure you’re always doing your best.

Recall and reclaim the same passion for what you're doing that you felt when it was new.

Get on a track to increasing your compensation by increasing your skills and adding value to yourself and your organization.

Quality contribution from each team member is the glue that binds a team together.
Encouraging quotes

Schedule your priorities for tomorrow before you leave the office today.

Focus on today, this very moment, and be in the game right now. Life is experienced only is this moment, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

It is during times of adversity that character is revealed. When these times come, act in a manner you will be proud of.

Every position in an organization is important. Treat every person with the same amount of dignity and respect.

There is great power in repetition, but one must use discernment because although repetition is the fuel to help you develop constructive habits, it can also work to strengthen those habits that are destructive.

You may say many things and you may hope for many things, but what you do is what determines your success.

Those who can generate enthusiasm and maintain it, create extraordinary value.

Management positions are made for those who enjoy inspiring and teaching others.

Success is much easier when you can visualize what you truly want.

Notice where you have questions, they are a signal of your own interest and your own opportunity to expand your skills.

Those around you are influenced by your state of consciousness. Elevate your consciousness by allowing only constructive thoughts to dwell in your mind.

Enthusiasm for what you are doing is the best way to insure job stability.

Like everything else you've been given, your creativity can whither without exercise. Stretch yourself creatively whenever you can.

Master the art of dealing with setbacks, and pave the road to your success.

Your time with any employer is an opportunity to develop yourself. Your paycheck is only an exchange for your time, it's up to you to make the exchange worthwhile.
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The greatest force in our lives is our attitude. It's a power that is yours to define. If you decide it will be positive, you increase your personal power exponentially.

The greatness you possess is on display through the responsibilities of your position.

Whether you like your leadership team or not, give your all to help them succeed. It will pull you forward.

When you become determined to work hard, you are three quarters of the way to obtaining success.

There is little more satisfying than being part of a team that pulls together to deliver superior results.

Regret is a bitter pill. Remain true to yourself; make your decisions in line with your values.

If you don't connect well with people, figure out why. Clear any blockages that prevent you from developing a dynamic network.

Don't be like a leaf distracted by every gust of wind; anchor and focus and you'll achieve what you set out to do.

Repeating the same mistakes over and over is unnecessary. When lessons in life repeat, it's a call to look at things closely to find deeper understanding.

In a changing world what's true is temporary. Assume a posture of asking what is true, rather than one of already knowing. Inform your decisions whenever you can.

First get a clear understanding of your responsibilities, and then own them.
encouraging quotes

Don't worry about how your efforts will be recognized; recognize what others have done, and you will be recognized even further.

To enhance your power, increase your integrity, your understanding, and your compassion.
Encouraging quotes

Find enthusiasm for the goals your leadership team has set. This quality will lift you to the top of your organization.

As life goes on, we become more disappointed by the things we didn't do, than the things we did.

Make a choice to improve yourself. Your decision to become the best at something will build confidence and lead to greater peace.

Dwell on successful thoughts; it's the most powerful way to encourage your own success.

Encourage the best in people. When someone is on top of their game, support them, let them know it.

When things are trending in the right direction, support them without getting in the way.

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