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In Creating a Healthy Divorce, J.J. Goldwag reflects on techniques that can take us from feelings of restlessness, failure, and loss to unconditional happiness. Goldwag goes to the root of why unhappiness occurs in the first place and draws upon his own divorce experiences to uncover the ways toward a healthy recovery. He takes us down the path of sharpening our awareness, seeing clearly, and maintaining proper perspective during one of life’s most emotional times. Through a reconnection with our true nature, we can remain at peace and gracefully overcome all obstacles. When we understand how to break away from destructive thoughts, and become anchored in the unchanging essence of our inner self, then life becomes a joy, regardless of what we may face.

"Give thanks for unknown blessings are already on their way."
Native American saying

Getting through divorce can be a difficult and traumatic, filled with feelings of insecurity, anger, and fear that can leave one emotionally exhausted. However, staying happy and positive through a divorce is possible. The key to getting through it, is steadying your thoughts and reconnecting to your power. 

J.J. Goldwag's Creating a Healthy Divorce delivers timely inspiration that can help deflect corrosive feelings and create a positive mindset.  The right support and attitude can have you feeling good through a divorce. A timely reminder of the best that is within you can build a healthy perspective that strengthens the inner self so you can thrive during any of life’s experiences.
Give yourself or someone you love the gift of support with Creating a Healthy Divorce . A beautiful first step for getting through divorce and on to a truly happy life.  

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