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If things don't seem right in your life, read life quotes.

Life Quotes can help to realign thinking and raise the level of consiousness.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

Curiosity is the mother of your growth.


What you do today defines your tomorrow. Choose the seeds you're planting with care.


When we find compassion, we cross a threshold to understanding who we are and why we are here.


A fountainhead of human suffering springs from the cavern of the ego.


Anger, jealousy, and other stresses are at their root, fear. Fear of change, fear of not having, and fear of not receiving. Send fear away, with gratitude, inspiration, and compassion.


What you perceive, experience, think, or feel is not who you are. These are transient. You are that which is aware of these things and the place for them to occur.


Take note of your thoughts. You can replace any thought with a positive, accepting one. Such thoughts will send out ripples of positive results.


We must both give and receive love to be conscious beings.


The simpler the life, the more room for awareness. The greater the awareness, the deeper the peace.


Bad habits are your worst enemies. Starve them the fuel of repetition.


All things will come to pass. When we can accept the void instead of the body, something beautiful shines through. This is the grace that shines through death.


A heart that can remain courageous, with generosity and a tendency toward compassion, is a lifetime of achievement.


We are not our thoughts; we are the awareness of our thoughts. And these thoughts are a just a fraction of the potential for our human experience.


Worry it is like a beacon to the universe, attracting the very thing you're worried about. Always send out what you want to receive.


If you ever feel depressed try exercise, dancing, even flossing your teeth. They will all make you feel better.


A hidden deposit of unconditional joy is buried deep within the soul. Release it, with awareness.


It is never too late to try new things. Lifetime after lifetime, our experience is ever new. Embrace this seeking for true essence; it is the very purpose to life.


Unselfish acts bring gratification and inner peace. They remind you of your connection to something greater.


You can be an agent for healing another by simply being present with them consciously and patiently.


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