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Bring new meaning to your life with life quotes.

The best time to read life quotes is early in the morning and just before bed, but anytime is helpful.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

Your body has been leant to you for an extended period of time. How well you take care of it will determine the experiences you are able to have while using it. Give it the proper exercise and right foods so it will operate at peak performance.


Intuition is one of your most valuable assets -- recognize its voice and listen closely.


Drink fresh water regularly. Water flushes the system and keeps your body fresh and clean.


In the holiday season we often relive the pains of our past. Freedom lies when we can be alert and present with whatever emotion arises.


If you are married, respect the principle of compromise. Be open to finding common solutions and building a common set of life values.


Peace can be cultivated within, and then dispersed to the world around you. This is the path to a peaceful world.


Sexual experiences alone can take us only so far. The heart must be fully engaged for deeper union and the full magnitude of this human experience.


The end to all war is contained in the choice to make yourself peaceful in all that you do. It is up to us to make this shift in the world's consciousness.


We are all on a path that ends the same way. The only difference at the end is the state of our consciousness.


We often want more of something purely to feed the ego, which will never be satisfied. Feed the peaceful part of you with moderation, and exercise, and the peaceful part of you will grow.


Nothing is more valuable than to sit quietly and contemplate the energy of a loving moment.


Stretch, exercise, and breathe deeply every day to release toxins from your muscles so you can remain active throughout your life.


Shift your awareness. Notice a flower, and give it your full attention and you will return to the present.


Jury duty is the privilege and responsibility of a small number of people on the planet entrusted with a democracy.


Never do anything you wouldn't want your closest friends and relatives to know about. Carry them with you in all that you do.


The resentment we hold onto has at its root only one purpose: to strengthen the ego.


When you build a relationship with your inner power, there is nothing that cannot be turned positive.


You are walking proof of a conscious and compassionate universe.


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