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Raise the level of consiousness with life quotes.

The more time spent reading life quotes, the easier it is to live a happy healthy life.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

Choose adjustments to your life that are in line with healthy eating, daily exercise and internal peace.


Always take the high road; the benefits may not be immediate, but they are inevitable.


The moment you say "my" life, you have given birth to separation, try referring to it simply as "life". “I am life, a temporary expression of life in this form and body.


Studies have shown an old dog can learn a new trick. Every sunrise brings new opportunity.


Accepting the present moment, no matter what form it takes, builds awareness that will ultimately dissolve any pain we may carry.


Awareness and analysis of what you are doing is the first step toward personal growth.


Take short moments to find calmness throughout the day. Do not allow worry to take over your mind.


The body itself is wise; however, one must take good care of it in order to hear its wisdom.


You should be a master not a slave to your life. Take charge of the actions you take and who you associate with.


Be intoxicated with all of creation. Fall in love with the cosmic intelligence behind it.


Don't follow society's values like sheep. You know if something is ethical by considering if you'd like it done unto you.


The greatest of all the gifts of the human species is an ability to choose a higher consciousness.


You can struggle all of your life to achieve something and then watch it be taken away in an instant. Your gift is to be present by loving yourself and others.


When we are present with this moment, we increase our awareness. Awareness frees us from the grip of the mind and the ego.


Put aside conduct today that will weigh heavy on the consciousness tomorrow.


Never forget that friends are more important than money. The support of your friends pays a lifetime of returns.


Spend time each day connecting with the higher energy forces that exists within.


Diminishing the fears in your life will lead to innumerable improvements.


An awareness and acceptance of who you are today, is the biggest step toward becoming who you want to be tomorrow.


Life's events don't produce stress -- the thoughts that run through your mind do. Change your thoughts and how you react to events, and stress will disappear.


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