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Life Quotes help reconnect to the true self.

Increase the capacity for consious living with life quotes messages. Just a few moments reading life quotes can bring a positive impact.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

Remain calm regardless of circumstances and your system will remain clear of all toxins caused by emotional overreactions.


View food as something sacred that we give the body. Many diseases can be traced back to eating too much of the wrong things, and not enough of the right ones.


You find out who you really are when you analyze your actions toward someone who can bring you no benefit.


When looking for creative inspirations go to Mother Nature.


I am thrilled to be in the midst of this adventure, for I know I will never be in this particular experience again. I support myself, and life supports me.


If you want something to happen, first visualize it, and then put into action what your mind already knows.

Matter is the manifestation of thought in a denser form.


Inspiration comes through your awareness, not through your thoughts. Develop your awareness and you will unleash the infinite within you.


The ego is just a form of our consciousness appearing to be real so that we can become aware of the reflection, recognize it, and become awakened.


The present is all that matters. The past and the future are only a "present" which cannot be experienced at this time.


Simply by slowing down your breathing, you shift yourself into another consciousness. At the same time you create an opening with which to make better choices.


In between mediocrity and success lies a great effort.


Learn to tap into intuition. This is where the answers are found to the most important questions.


Think from your highest perspective. A mind tightly knitted to the soul directs a body of love.


Take the time in life to find out who you are. In silence, listen to the messages from within.


All of the life on this planet is as sacred as your own. Treat it this way, and it will respond in kind.


To become more aware is the greatest gift you can give to the universe. As you elevate your energy, you elevate all around you.


When making decisions, strip away everything but truth then allow that to be your guide. Locating the truth becomes simpler if we remember it's most often found in the heart.


When we let go of greed, anger and jealousy, like light replacing darkness, they can be replaced by joy, peace, and happiness.


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