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Change your thinking with Life Quotes.

Thoughts are the most important aspect of life. Life quotes can bring these thoughts back into alignment with inspiration and motivation.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

All experiences in life are lessons; embrace them and look for what is to be learned.


Avoid what weakens you.


There is no substitute for exercise as part of your plan to stay healthy. Just accept it, work it into your routine, and enjoy it.


Never compromise your morals, ethics, or integrity. They are your destiny...


Slow down and breathe deeply - it brings peace.


We are a species lost in the mind, lost in thinking. We advance as individuals and collectively when we develop an awareness of what we are thinking.


When you give humbly, you receive dynamic energy that rejuvenates your entire system.


Step into the present moment, it's a holy place. No matter where we are, when we're present, it is sacred.


Don't worry about improving others; improve yourself. Those around you will improve as well.


Do not judge others. What you dislike in them is revealing more about yourself.


Don't take life too seriously. Your light and happiness spreads love in the world.


Forgiveness is the key that unlocks our chains of bondage. When we forgive, we free ourselves.


When you are truly here and present, your past has no power over you.


Take an interest in foods and liquids that have the best chance of nourishing your body's cells.


Material things are temporary and can't provide true comfort. True comfort comes from within.


Embrace getting older as you would the seasons changing, each phase is full of incredible beauty and adventure.


Before making decisions, ask strategic questions, and weigh the outcomes.


When we forgive someone, at our deepest level, we forgive ourselves. With every act of forgiveness two people are set free.


It's not the reasoning mind that withholds your power, it's what you believe. Whatever you believe rules your life. Fortunately, you can change the beliefs that limit you.


Awareness and ego are not compatible. Awareness is power...and ultimately freedom.


Don't give your fears power by dwelling on them. Release them by affirming the opposite.


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