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Life Quotes bring inspiration and motivation.

A great way to rekindle motivation is by reading life quotes. The life quotes below can help bring back the inspiratrional and motivational aspects of life.

Life Quotes - J.J. Goldwag

The best results are achieved when we work hard to simply do the best that we can do, not because we are attached to the outcome of what we are doing.


When we seek truth, truth seeks us in return. When we accept truth, we become truth.


We can never truly possess the material items we chase after, and in the end, it is they that possess us.

Success is determined by your ability to remain calm and think clearly through both the setbacks and the victories.


Relationships are your great teachers. Visit them with kindness, for kindness is a great healer.


Jealousy is a form of fear. When we're jealous, we're afraid that we won't have something. In truth, however, we are limitless.


Loosening the grip of our desires is a true path to peace and freedom.


Over-use of the sex drive runs the nervous system at high voltage and diminishes health and vitality.


Spiritual realization goes beyond believing in something, and enters into experiencing something.


The measure of tolerance for any war should be whether you would send your own child into the battle...and be able to live with their death or injury from it.


Don’t take the power of the mind for granted. It can accomplish the incredible when combined with strong intention and the guidance of your heart.


Find appreciation for another person’s point of view. We all learn from different experiences.


Be well informed about what your government is doing and speak out peacefully if you disagree. Silence is complicity.


Habits, good or bad, are perpetuated by repetition. Slowing the repetition of your bad habits is the first step to eliminating them.


The way to enhance your personal magnetism is by increasing your integrity, understanding, and capacity for compassion.


Union with your true self is the engine of inner strength. It occurs when we create an awareness of our thoughts, and step into being fully present with all we encounter.


Fear and worry are toxic to the body. Cleanse yourself with laughter, exercise, and compassion.


The biggest difference between humans and lower forms of life is discernment and the ability to choose.

When we ignore these gifts we lose our potential as beings.


The highest form of love is without deception and fear of separation. It isn't something you search the world for, rather it is found when it simply flows through you.


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