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Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag


When we forgive someone, at our deepest level, we forgive ourself. With every act of forgiveness two

people are set free.


A healthy mind can work wonders on a sick body, and a healthy body can work wonders on a sick mind.


A life that finds joy and peace to balance stress and strife will increase its opportunity for health.


When you look at death through eyes of wisdom, you see that it is cyclical like the seasons. Letting go of the body is just like dropping off a heavy coat in springtime.


Some form of daily exercise should be part of your journey through a successful life.


Refuse to accept any limiting conditions. Affirm and believe in health, strength, and success no matter what the circumstances.


Take a break from media and television that isn't delivering a positive message. The input you absorb is a heavy contributor to your health, or lack of it.


If someone has wronged you and you are holding onto anger, let it go. Forgiveness can be found in the realization they are here learning just like you. We don't all learn the same things at the same time.


By being more present, being here, you are far less stressed.


An important weapon in the battle with disease is to visualize your body filling with vitality and light .


A heart that can remain courageous, with a generosity of affection, is a lifetime's greatest achievement.


Once you heal your mind, the body follows.


Success is determined by your ability to remain calm and think clearly through both the setbacks and the victories.


Whatever state you're in will transfer itself to others. Find yourself in joyful, loving states and you will change your world.


Think big! Oversized thoughts deliver big results.


Finding your highest levels of consciousness releases healing energy throughout the body system.


Real dedication, plus disciplined action, plus time...equals real change.


You can be an agent for healing another by simply being present with them consciously and patiently.


You reflect health back to them in this way.


Your body is not life; life is always invisble. Your soul is the life that animates the body. Connect deeply with your soul, and think radiant thoughts about your body.


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