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Reading healing quotes in conjunction with other healing techniques can be a potent combination. Find the time to heal your mind.


Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag

Rest feeds the natural healing process. Power down, especially the mind and your thoughts, and enable nature to go to work.


We find what we look for in life. If we look for a troubled world, we will find it. If we look for peace and kindness, we will find that.


Everyone's earthly journey ends with an exit. The only difference at the end of the path is how our experiences and learning have expanded the consciousness we depart with.


It is not dishonest to feel anger but leave it unexpressed. Find a calmer moment and go within to find the core of the issue. You may realize a new perspective that uplifts you and diffuses the object of your anger.


The cells of your body will dance and sing when you visualize yourself in the light of the universe.


Wash away the past and start clean. Leave no room for anger, fear, or jealousy; they are not your partners in health. Focus on the good things in your life, and make them a priority.


Envision a translucent blue pearl at the center of your heart radiating a healing brilliant light that is being absorbed by every cell of your body.


Spend some time each day in solitude connecting with the higher energy forces that exist within.


The more callous you are with your body, the more suffering you invite. A little gentleness prevents unnecessary suffering.


Never do anything you wouldn't want your closest friends and relatives to know about. Carry them with you in all that you do.


If you are not present you can't realize the power within you. Take responsibility for your own state of consciousness.


Do not be imprisoned by the perceptions of others, they are never something to agree with blindly. Our interpretations of the world are a reflection of our own awareness.


Connect with people who have an ability to find the positive. They are more than healthy companions, they are teachers of health.


Every act of kindness, every smile you give, spreads a new consciousness around the world.


Forgiveness is a testament to the inner being within us, and a demonstration of our immortality and invincibility.


What you think and what you say have the power to create. Always ask yourself what it is you are creating.


There is no substitute for exercise as part of your plan to stay healthy. Just accept it, work it into your routine, and enjoy it.


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