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Healing quotes have the powerful dynamic of calming the mind and allowing the body to heal itself. Spend some time reading these healing quotes and you will feel the difference.


Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag


When we let go of greed, anger and jealousy, they become replaced with joy, peace, and happiness in the same way that light replaces darkness.


Choose adjustments to your life that are in line with healthy eating, daily exercise and internal peace.


A lifetime of repetitive thinking patterns have rusted the child within. When we find new ways of looking at things, we reenergize that inner child with possibility.


All things are made of light. Introduce the image of healing light to your condition and picture the condition in a state of health and harmony.


Associate with those who have a positive, passionate outlook on life. We all project energy in line with our thoughts and this energy is soaked up by those around us.


Peace is the healthiest state of being. Introduce yourself to the idea of being happy by just being; not doing anything, not saying anything, not processing anything.


Nothing can upset you when you are at peace with who you are, what you are, and why you are here.

Seek out the beauty in nature and absorb it's glory. What your eye sees and what your ear hears can have a dramatic impact on the healing process.


The present moment is not the enemy. Befriend the moment. Accept it. Feel being alive in this moment, and you will know peace.


There is more to appreciate in every single breath, than in every possession that surrounds you.


Take in fresh, whole foods through your diet in order to reach peak performance.


A peaceful mind physically refreshes the body with both healing energies and a blanket of immunity.


If your body is ailing be sure you have forgiven yourself and those who have wronged you. These are the first steps on the road to health.


The chances you have to overcome illness are either "you will" or "you won't." This makes choosing one or the other much easier.


Your body has been leant to you for an extended period of time. How well you take care of it will determine the experiences you are able to have while using it. Give it the proper exercise and right foods so it will stay working at peak performance.


Worry is like a beacon to the universe, attracting the very thing you're worried about. Readjust and send out what you want to receive.


Your ego does have a purpose, to take you to the point of awakening to who you truly are.


Within the will lies a limitless power. That power is yours to bring about whatever you desire.


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