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Healing Quotes are a bridge to allow your mind to remember what it is capable of achieving. These quotes can settle the mind and bring about healing in the body.

Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag

Forget the things in your past that do not serve what you are doing and where you want to go. Just make the choice to let them go.


I am whole and healthy; every cell within me is radiant.


In the back of your mind continue to play the message that illness is temporary and that your true nature is to be healthy and vibrant.


Health is the first muse, and sleep is often the condition to produce it.


When you truly know that which you have most feared, you have overcome it.


Your cells thrive when you find harmony with your place in the world.


You are here to learn to connect with your soul and maintain a happy, healthy mind and spirit.


Sometimes rest is the best way to give your body a chance to focus on what it needs for healing. When resting your body, also rest your mind.


Picture the cells of your body illuminated with the nourishing light that powers the universe.


Surrender to the idea that just being here is enough. This will allow you to move forward with greater focus on the things you love.


Discomfort brings awareness. The lessons we have come here to learn can be very persistent.


Even if you think you are in good shape, do something physical each day to strengthen your body's core.


A shift in attitude about what is really important will bring refreshing peace and joy.


An emotional state stems from grasping desires and encroaching fears, but true awareness is calmness.


Spirit, mind, and body create the holistic triangle. Each leg of the triad needs equal amounts of attention to balance a healthy life.


What matters is how you think, what you say, and what you do each and every day of your life. The past and the future are irrelevant.


Your consciousness is a root structure. The strength of it is determined by the thoughts running through your mind. Positive thoughts vitalize it, while negative thoughts leave it vulnerable to being uprooted by passing storms.


Your stomach is only about as big as your fist. Eat small portions for maximum health.


I am strong and wise, I am beautiful and healthy, I will know truth and truth will set me free.


Acknowledge that you are here for a reason and that everything about the physical vehicle you have been given is perfect for your mission.


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