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Healing quotes open the mind to new ways of looking at things. If you read these healing quotes regularly, they can change the way you see the world and your place in it.

Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag

In the absence of fear, people generally do the right thing. Remove all fears from your life and discover your truly divine nature.


Know who you are and you are truly free. You can know who you are in the stillness.


The time you spend going within and finding peace will decrease the turmoil around you in the outer world.


Stress means wanting to be somewhere you're not. Breathe deeply; be present with the moment before you. Stress will loosen its grip.


Intuition is one of your most valuable assets -- recognize its voice and listen closely.


Make your mind a source of brightness by scouring every crevice that may hold a thought of hatred. Then add the radiance of compassion, love, and appreciation for all.


If you want something to happen, first visualize it, and then put into action what your mind already knows...matter is the manifestation of thought.


The universe cares about you and wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. You are never alone.


Today is the day you will treat your body as a precious gift. Strengthen it, nourish it, and give it proper rest.


The behavior people manifest is not who they are. It's most often a reaction to their challenges.


Balance is an important concept. It is the function of the body and all of creation. Be moderate in all you consume.


I am one with all life and its creator. I am limitless.


When you don't allow yourself to be captured by your actions, you leave room for a higher you to blossom and direct your thoughts and actions.


View food as something sacred that we give the body. Many diseases can be traced back to eating too much of the wrong things, and not enough of the right ones.


Walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with purpose.


Worry and fear flood your system with toxic energy. Joy and peace flood your system with rejuvenating energy. It's your choice.


Your body has many energy layers beyond what the eye can see. With a slow breath and a very still mind, you can become aware of them. They can be cleansed by visualizing white light rushing through them.


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