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Make healing quotes a part of your life and you will understand what it's like to live at the highest levels. Natural healing can occur with the messages these quotes deliver.


Healing Quotes by J. J. Goldwag

You are not the roles you play in life. Relinquish the roles you play when they are no longer required.

Instead, be in touch with the deeper aspect of who you are.


Every cell in my body is lit up with the compassionate light of the universe. I am strong and powerful.


Avoid falling into automatic reactions. Instead, allow challenges to wake you up and make you present.


When things seemingly go wrong outside, become determined to allow the divine presence to intensify within.


Finding a positive outlook despite circumstances helps ensure vibrant health.


Thoughts are fields of energy. Positive thought fields are favorable to your system; negative thoughts are corrosive. Focus on thoughts that make a positive contribution to your condition.


Pets are often great healers. They pull us out of our thoughts into the present. Being present is a healing state.


Stretch your body to beautiful music and discover a new way of feeling the positive vibrations of life.


When an appreciation for just being alive becomes a daily awareness, your life finds the threshold of bliss.


When you give humbly you receive dynamic energy that rejuvenates your entire system.


Trying to heal the effect while forgetting to treat the cause closes the door to illness in one area, but leaves it open in another. The root of your suffering must also be understood and adjusted.


You can struggle all of your life to achieve something and then watch it be taken away in an instant. Your gift is to be present by loving yourself and others.


Yoga protects against disease and teaches living in the moment.


During bad moods, remember how you want to feel. Find the things you are grateful for, and recall the things you love.


Find a place where nature abounds and soak up the healing energy that nature provides.


Forget your past, it makes no sense to hope for a better one. What you can completely affect is this moment. This moment is where your power is.


Be aware of the of seeds you are planting each day. Seeds of giving, joy, and happiness will blossom into health, love, and prosperity.


Drink fresh water regularly. Water flushes the system and keeps your body fresh and clean.


Every human being will go through a certain amount of suffering. Suffering drives you deeper within to the true self.


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