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After reading a healing quote, contemplate; allow it to absorb before reading the next. Healing quotes can help one realize things not contemplated in the past.


Helaing quotes by J.J. Goldwag

Don't give illness your attention by repeating the story of it over and over again. Focus your attention on other positive areas and often illness will get the hint and go away.


Be proactive about your healing. It's a product of your partnership with doctors, and therapists, under the direction of your own powerful mind.


Realizing the impermanence of all things is an entry to peace and calmness.


Realize you have your own internal healing systems. You can jump start them with the power of your mind.

There is hope in all circumstances; when we seek it, it will come for us.


The body is a self correcting system; don't allow your mind to get in the way of this truth. Help the body balance with proper diet, healthy activity, and the elimination of negative thoughts.


You are walking proof of a conscious and compassionate universe.


Life is a school and its books filled with experiences and lessons that enable our growth.


Claim your thoughts. Don't be subjected to them randomly. When you can become aware of your thoughts, and focus them on the positive, you will create the positive.


Ease into any new exercise routine. Your chances of sticking with it and allowing good habits to form are nurtured by a gentle beginning.


Most of life's poorest choices are made out of fear.


One thing you can count on is that things will constantly change. Tomorrow's changes can, however, be heavily influenced by the actions you take today.


The ego is just a form of our consciousness appearing to be real so that we can become aware of the reflection, recognize it, and become awakened.


Visualize and plan for the things you want to do in life. Making progress toward them will aid your healing process.


When you build a relationship with your own inner power, there is nothing that cannot be turned positive.


Take quiet moments to communicate with your body. Ask your internal mechanisms to restore the body's balance and health.


Spend time near the ocean or in the mountains; it triggers an inner freedom.


Habits, good or bad, are perpetuated by repetition. Slowing the repetition of your bad habits is the first step to eliminating them.


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