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One way to add to overall health is to read healing quotes. A balanced approach that includes healing the mind can bring great benefits.


 Healing Quotes by J.J. Goldwag

Breathing deep with your arms spread wide fills you with prana, the energy of the air, and revitalizes your system. This simple technique is the foundation for ancient practices of maintaining health.


Disabilities in one area often open the door to incredible abilities in another.


Regularly donating time to help the less fortunate makes for a very rich life.


Simply by slowing down your breathing, you shift yourself into another consciousness. At the same time you create an opening with which to make better choices.


Sustainable peace and bliss are deep within you. You can begin to find them by sitting in stillness, and slowly increasing the number of deep breaths you take without a thought.


We often want more of something purely to feed the ego, which will never be satisfied. Feed the peaceful part of you with moderation and exercise, and the peaceful part of you will grow.


The present is all that matters. The past and the future are two places you have no power to affect. Your power is in the present only.


Lower-energy emotions like fear, anger, regret, and jealousy are magnets for health issues. Release the mind from such disturbing thoughts, and you will find much more room for joy and love.


Experiment with the power and freedom of opposing nothing.


Determination is the key to making most things happen...including healing.


If illness visits, empower your thoughts.  Only you can release the power of the unshackled mind.


Food carries a great deal of energy into the body. Eat foods and drink liquids with the highest level of energy you can find…organic fruits, leafy greens and foods that are made with love.


Peace, joy, and bliss are not acquired through external circumstances; they are choices and inner discoveries.


Mastery of life is not as much about control as it is about finding a balance between your human form and your inner being. Balance is mastery.


Things' in the world are limited in their ability to provide happiness because 'things' are by their nature temporary. Spend time connecting with your soul -- it is a treasure that is permanent.


If you are depressed, affirm that you will not stay down; then take action by creating positive thoughts.


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