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Using Motivational Quotes to Enhance Performance

There are few who would argue that motivational quotes have an uplifting impact. In today’s world we are consistently bombarded with negative information. The news is ubiquitous, and news organizations realize negative news has the best opportunity to capture attention. It’s easy to see why many of us have a difficult time becoming motivated. Shelly E. Taylor’s article Asymmetrical Effects of Positive and Negative Events: The Mobilization-Minimization Hypothesis, suggest that studies show from a psychological perspective, large dosages of negative information effect mood swings and dampen productivity.  

One way to counterbalance the impact of negative information overload is by becoming exposed to motivational quotes. The right types of motivational quotes have a way of helping one focus on realigning the attitude away from static negativity. We don’t have to site extensive studies to realize that positive thinking has a positive impact on our performance and well-being. More important is finding ways to engage in activities that can lead us to employ positive thinking. Reading motivational quotes illicit an inspiring feeling, and provide us with a way to realize our greatest potential. It’s one of quickest ways of reversing the impacts of negative information and enhancing performance. 

Exposure to motivational quotes should be daily in order to bring about the most potent response. Having a motivational quote emailed in the morning, or posting one in an easily observable location is a good daily practice. Reading them to family members, or creating our own, is also a good way to experience the benefits of motivational quotes. 

The most valuable gift you can give yourself is to strive to become the best at what you do.
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